Setting a lighting policy action plan for the ME region has long been an initiative of MELA, which dates back prior to the set up of the organisation.

Since its inception in 2014, MELA & its members have contributed greatly to the advancement of standards and regulatory initiatives for supporting Governments in the ME region, paving the way for a more level playing field for the industry as a whole in ensuring better product safety and performance.

This has led to many benefits including but not limited to significant reduction in energy used for lighting in the region and a corresponding reduction in emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. It has also led to the adoption of better quality lighting standards and project applications.

In the first few years of MELA’s existence efforts were initially focused on the entry into force of lighting product component regulations in line with the approach taken in the EU and other first mover countries.

In 2019 eight lighting regulations in residential, commercial/professional lighting and hazardous substances (directly & indirectly including lighting products in scope), will be in force in two countries with a host of similar initiatives in other GCC countries.

There are still challenges to be addressed!