Following an exchange of views with the Bahrain Standards & Metrology Directorate (BSMD) the MELA Secretariat has the following information to share regarding the draft regulation on Requirements for non-directional household lamps in the Kingdom of Bahrain. From a general point of view the current draft of the regulation includes aspects extracted from the EU lighting
regulationsto a differing extent:

  • The LED functionality table from the EU regulation 1194 is included as is the Mercury content table for CFLi.
  • Amendment of EC/244/2009 which is 859/2009 has now been included by removing the UV requirements in the original version of the test.
  • INCANDESCENT lamps will be phased out without any definition of the stages.
  • BSDM have indicated that both clear and non-clear
  • INCANDESCENT lamps will be phased out and that clear HALOGEN lamps will be legal, aslong asthese products meet the efficacy requirement.
  • Companies placing products on the market should also be aware that special purpose marking requirement is briefly mentioned in the scope, and specific requirements have been
    elaborated within the articles of the regulation.
  • From the point of view of conformity, suppliers to the market need to be aware that mercury limits are maximum values.

As far as phase out timings are concerned, BSMD expects that the regulation will be effective by August 2015. Once enforced, all lamps within the scope of the regulation should satisfy the
specified requirements.

The conformity assessment procedure for the regulated lights will depend on test reports provided by an accredited laboratory as a main component for compliance. Test reports or certificates
therefore have to be issued by a body accredited by a member of the ILAC/IAF.