Jordanian Decision on Technical Regulations on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of Electrical Products, Resolution No. 1, 2014.

  • On-going issue with the 3rd party/ISO17025 test reportsrequested forsafety and performance. These requirements appear to be independent from the requirements in the regulations published in 2014. For safety and performance JSMO has started to accept only 3rd party safety reports and reports for performance claims should be supervised by a certified body if testing is in house. If this is not the case, 3rd party testing is needed.
  • The status of the implementing stages of the regulations is as follows:
    • Jordanian technical regulation # 2093/2013 (transposed from EU directive 245/2009) that will start phasing out inefficient domestic lamps including (incandescent, low efficiency
      halogen lamps) by 1st January 2016. The first two stages will be taken in one step.
  • Stage 1 – date of entry into force 1stJuly 2014 (actually written 2013 in the regulation).
  • Stage 2 – date of entry into force 13th April 2015.
  • With Eco Design implementation there appears to be some confusion. See entry into force dates above. Local customs claim that Eco Design requirements are mandatory.
  • Energy efficiency label to be printed on all lighting products.