The Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP) is in the process of drafting regulations which focus on the phase out of least efficient light sources in residential and commercial/professional lighting. Please contact the MELA secretariat for more information.

Saudi Arabia The Saudi Energy Efficiency Program has embarked on a series of lighting related policy initiatives.

  • Part 1 aims to regulate lighting products (mainly light sources) commonly used in residential lighting applications. This regulation is in its final stages of drafting and the date of its entry in force is as yet unclear.
  • Part 2 aimed at regulating the commercial lighting sector (traditional light sources and LED retrofits and control gear).
  • System level requirements are likely to feature in the medium term
  • A list of SASO standards can be accessed via the following link:

MELA is currently in an advisory role to the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program and continues to provide support throughout the drafting phase of the residential and commercial lighting regulations. A meeting between MELA and SASO will take place in March 2015.